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Berkeley Festival, Coffee and Donuts!

Well, here we are in Berkeley Early Music Festival week! The ABCers are diligently practicing their parts while tucking Wagner Ring rehearsals around the edges. Our Thursday June 7 concert at 11 A.M. at the Berkeley Piano Club will be tasty and tasteful. (Mostly!) You should just come to hear the Louis Heudelinne Chaconne!

Here is Judiyaba, fresh off the Rheingold boat, rehearsing that Heudelinne right now. You can almost hear it, but not quite, so be there on Thursday, so you will hear it!

Meanwhile……..Gwyneth Davis and Phebe Craig are rehearsing Marais’ Saillie de Café!

Yours truly is usually behind the camera, so here is a photo of her working detritus: (note important teacup!)


As you see, we work hard for your applause. So, be there on Thursday and have some coffee, doughnuts, maybe tea, and definitely beautiful music!

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