baroque music

An Amazing, and tasty, year!

The Alphabet Baroque Club had a great year! We started off in August 2017 at the Iota Press in Sebastopol with our Country Gardens/All British Concert, inspired by the obtaining of Masters Degrees in the English Country house by our very own Judiyaba and Gwyneth Davis! We presented this concert another four times, in Mill Valley, in Berkeley as part of the SFEMS  series at the Jazz School, at the SFEMS Garden Party benefit for the BFX, and at the home of Ruth and Steve Escher,  all to great audience reviews. I mean, what’s not to like about a concert that ends with Phebe banging on the harpsichord and waving a British flag?

At the Berkeley Festival and Exhibition we presented our Coffee and Doughnuts program to a nearly full house, that is, full of coffee and doughnuts! Also full of people, including one amazing baby, who made not a peep during the show. Despite a broken and irreparable string breakage near the end of the show, we again had wonderful audience response. We have fun, and so does the audience.

We have great ideas for next year. Watch this space for more action, after we have a nice summer slowdown! Happy summer to everyone, and see you in October at the Sebastopol Center for the Arts and the Throckmorton Theater noon concert series in Mill Valley!

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