We ended our Coffee and Donuts year with a delightful house concert near Yorkville, CA. By this time we had eaten all the donuts, and were mainly serving coffee with music. We had a splendid response to all these coffee concerts. Indeed, our contact Peter Brodigan, who arranged this concert, wrote us after:

I wanted to thank you again for a top-notch concert this afternoon.  Your playing was so nicely in sync, and you clearly have a great sense of ensemble with each other.  The individual solos were all so excellently played, and had a variety to them, so each one stood out on its own.  The speaking was just right – the right amount of detail, playfulness and information.  The choice of pieces managed a balance of serious, beautiful, virtuoso, small and large group.

The audience loved it, and I appreciated your generosity in bringing the program to our friends in Yorkville.  I heard nothing but accolades for the program.”

Thank you to everyone who hosted us this year, and thanks to our wonderful audiences. We are taking a few moments to clear our minds, and then time to plan a new program!

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