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Obligatory Zoom Shot

Okay, yes, it’s been quite a year! The ABC has only connected over iffy internet services, but even that helps keep the spirits up! As you can see, Ruth Cunningham, Gwyneth Davis and Judiyaba managed to appear as if they were in a forest, while Phebe Craig and Maria Caswell seem confined to their rooms. But what beautiful smiles we all managed! This is because we know there will be an end to this isolation, and the ABC will play again! We are still on the Galway Early Music Festival’s May 2022 schedule, and no doubt we will be planning new concerts for 2021/2022 ASAP.

In the meantime, Judiyaba and Gwyneth Davis have been preparing, photographing, posting, and eating beautiful Sunday brunches entitled Bubbly Sundays each week since the shutdown began. Phebe Craig has been Zooming up a storm as a teacher for UC Davis, Maria Caswell has been watching birds and exploring her love of medieval music, and our guest artist Ruth Cunningham continues to beautifully photograph the beauties of Inman Hill Park at the top of Manhattan.

Have a beautiful spring!

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